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This page acts as a Glossary to questions that have been raised to us since we started out until now.

How do I Buy a Gift?

The link on the left side takes you directly to the relevant company site, unless it's a Sale or Coupon.

How do I see offers in my Country?

We automatically detect your location and provide you with relevant gifts and offers, otherwise the default is the US.

How do I stay up-to-date with a Merchant company?

We offer free subscription on the Merchants company page. Enter your email address and you will be updated for specific offers from that Merchant only. This is a free service we provide and no other coupon site offers it.

What does the Want button do?

This feature acts as a bookmark wishlist tool for signed in users on the site. By clicking on the button, the site can remember and store what products the user likes.

How can I participate on the site?

Full registration is provided for free. You are able to now Join the Site or Log into the Site if you've already signed up. By logging in, you are able to bookmark your favourite products by clicking on "Want", whilst "Buy" takes you directly to the merchant's site.

I'm a Merchant, Why should I work with Gifts and Coupons?

We are interested in working with all Merchants to market their brand. We can add your company details, location, payment processors and logo. Talk to us to submit your coupon and/or sale offers.

Are you Affiliated with Amazon? How did you make this Site?

In some areas of the site, we have affiliate links to Amazon pages, which we clearly state on the page. Gifts and Coupons is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Regarding how we made the site, it's custom coded so nope you can't find this as a Wordpress Theme.

How do I use your Coupon Codes?

Simply click the link provided or hover over the Coupon Code to copy it to your clipboard!

The Coupon Code didn't work, what now?

Sometimes Coupon Codes don't work or may expire early. If the coupon fails to work try any others that exist on the page, make sure to rate the coupon on the page and give feedback.

How can I rate/vote coupons?

Each coupon can be rated, percentages are calculated and sorted with our in-house system. You can even rate Expired coupons.

Why do I see Expired coupons?

We believe all the expired coupons don't work on the site, but as a option to you we freely provide the choice for you to test them out. If they work you can up-vote them.