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Editors Comments

Editor's Comments

Our Editor's scour the Gifts and Coupons listings, we then hand-pick great gifts to recommend to you with reasons why they might appeal.


Comment from Cameleon Live Streaming

This Kickstarter looks to be quite useful as it shows you how to Live Stream on all devices. I think it's useful for people looking to make money online, sites like Twitch and Meerkat come to mind, but this allows you to do it yourself and share online or privately.


Comment from My Man Jeeves

I am amazed by this print. It's so detailed and the idea of using a complete book to show an image of the actual book using the text is amazing and we give it a thumbs up!

Ellia Wang

Comment from Fortune Earrings

When I saw these earrings I spotted the resemblance to fortune cookies straight away. It's a clever take on something traditional which has special meanings and made with a different material altogether. A novel idea.

Periodic Tableware

Comment from Lab Shot Glasses

I really like this product for the reasons that it looks so cool, it shows you how much you're drinking plus this would be great for mixing drinks which rely on exact measures.


Comment from Solar Charger

I love the idea of this gadget and can really see it's going to be popular. From my experience I charge my phone nearly every day, but I take it outside with me everyday too. By using Solartab, I would certainly save time by charging when I'm out and about instead of waiting for my phone to charge at home.

Pat's Backcountry Beverages

Comment from Black Hops

I love the message behind this company, that it's looked at world issues and applied them to their products from water to transportation. This product needs a carbonator to work, so by using one you should have one of the freshest beers available.

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