10 Inspirational Gifts From Japan

Posted on May 11 2014

Wacky But Cool Presents

10 Inspirational Gifts From Japan

Godzilla is being released soon which represents all things Japanese, so here's a review of cool gifts you can buy from the land of the rising sun, note all items are from Amazon.com.

1. Favourite Past Time: Sumo


Combining a sturdy household object with Japan's love of Sumo, perfect match.

2. Household : Ninja Umbrella

Ninja Umbrella

A little bit typecast, but it's cool to look like a Ninja when the weather is off.

3. Technology: Future Watch

Future Watch

Not the best representative of tech products coming out of Japan, but has the neon, future glow that people associate with Japan - so it made the list (and is cheap!).

4. Bedroom: Traditional Futon

Traditional Futon

Stylish yet comfortable traditional Japanese futon matress.

5. Snacks: Japanese Kit Kats

Japanese Kit Kats

Only in Japan can you find this wacky flavour.

6. Fashion Niche: Animatronic Cat Ears

Animatronic Cat Ears

Meow I am a cat, that's what happens when you wear this.

7. Garden: Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Tree

Not only can you grow your own Bonsai, but grow fruit too.

8. Clothing: Japan Sailor Collar Dress

Japan Sailor Collar Dress

When I think of Japanese women (ah hem) this sailor/school uniform comes to mind.

9. Kitchen: Sushi


Make rice look better and more squarey.

10. Pets: Shark Bed

Shark Bed

Nothing strange about your cat coming out of a Shark's mouth.