Paul Frank iPhone 6 and iPad cases are Here

Posted on July 20 2014

Paul and his monkey are celebrated brands around the global, here they are on Apple Technology.

Paul Frank iPhone 6 and iPad cases are Here

There's a new collection of unusual Paul Frank cases for you to peruse, available to protect your procious new iPhones or iPads from being dropped, squished or squashed.

Julius the monkey has his wide face with even wider mouth over the hard cases, using neon and bold colours which wouldn't look out of place in a psychodelic painting. Hearts and symbols also play a factor in these Paul Frank cases, which also come in customised versions for that extra personal touch.

Upside down

Designed for the iPhone 6, this is a clear case with a "cupcakes bike" feature.

Layered in Gold

Again for the Number 6, this is case is plated in gold colour to stop scratches on your mobile.


Nice design with the character holding a cupcake over his head balancing over the Apple logo.

Black Dots

By Uncommon LLC, this is a Capsule Hard Case for iPhone 4 and 4S.

C Durable and Soft

Slim case for the ip6, but doesn't fit the 45, 5S and 5C.

Gear Design

Fashion Brands Serie by maker Fagreat.


A unique adorable character vertical pouch that protects your phone.


See if you can see the cheeky little monkey character on this phone.


A phone all covered in heart shapes.

Oui is Yes

Deflector Hard Case for iPad.


Made from premium impact resistant polymers.


Based on the Man of Mystery globe.


Doing a slam dunk on the net.

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