Simple Snap makes Screen Installation a Snap!

Posted on May 30 2015

The easy to use way of installing is often not a feature of other screen protectors on the market. With this product all your need to do is right is across your device until it snaps off and leaves the protector fit around the screen.

Simple Snap makes Screen Installation a Snap!

All devices need protecting. They're so small and fiddly at times, dropping a mobile phone or tablet usually happens quite often. Buying a protector case is a must, there's many varieties on the market that suit the device's shape and size and they do a good job. But what about the glass display? How can this be protected, installed simply and do a good job at the same time? This is where Simple Snap comes in.

Tempered and other features
A list of the features provided

When you purchase a phone for example, usually you purchase all the extras that go with them (or you certainly know what they are); insurance, casing, extra batteries and a screen protector. It's not that most people don't want a screen protector, sure they want dust particles, dirt and fingerprint smudges off their visual unit, whilst protecting the glass but it's screen protector's are just so darn tricky to install.

Simple Snap works as a quick installation of protecting your screen and keeping your phone clear of the dreaded "bubbles" that usually appear when you add clear plastic to the cover something. With many different designs available for all types of phones adndevices, the attraction is that it fits like a second skin and is fingerprint resistant.

Pushing Down
Example of Pushing Down the Simple Snap

From an Indiegogo Campaign to Reality

I remember back in August 2014, seeing this Simple Snap campaign and thinking it was a great idea as it's a simple solution to a common problem. Of course, it's not rocket science but it's convinient and saves you time (and related stress) so why not make a small investment and purchase this product if you need to protect your iPhone, iPad or other handheld device which has the potential to sustain everyday damage. In an interview, CEO Anant Handa had said, "We designed Simple Snap to be different - it fits devices like a second skin, and is fingerprint-resistant thanks to Oleophobic materials. The custom mold will change the device protection industry". The mold design is patented, which the IGG funds went towards this special feature.

The protector is available in two versions - the HD-Anti Fingerprint and the Tempered Glass version, both of which are recyclable and have been extra protected with anti-scratch properties.