10 Cool Toys Which Aren't for Kids

Posted on April 27 2014

Best Selection of Hot Toys

10 Cool Toys Which Aren't for Kids

Hot Toys is a Hong Kong based company which makes the most awesome looking film action heros out there. Not something to let your kids play with, they are a little piece of movie history ready to put on your mantle piece, note all items are from Amazon.com.

What can I say, this is amazing! Even has that thing where his eyes turn white.

A scary realistic tribute to Heath Ledger, so detailed even down to the knife on the shoes.

I prefer this Peter Weller Robocop over the others, looks more menacing.

Chose this figure because wow it looks just like Thor.

Something great but sad about this depiction of Brandon Lee.

Go spidey go, oh it's the black one...

Aka Jake Sully, look at the detail and colours on it.

Ones of Depp's best character portrails.

Tron and the light cycle which lights up.

Last but not Least...the Best Figure

Wow holy poo poo, this is amazing!