10 Most Awesome Lego Gifts

Posted on April 6 2014

Looking into the Best gifts for Lego Fans, inspired by Christiansen's birthday celebrations.

10 Most Awesome Lego Gifts

It's Lego's Founder Ole Kirk Christiansen birthday on the 7th April, so to celebrate we found the best Lego items, note all items are from Amazon.com

1. The Simpsons Set

All your favourite Simpsons characters and house in this set.

2. Belkin Lego iPhone

The phone can attach lego blocks, cool colours.

3. Happiness Watch

Get happy when you look at your watch.

4. Lord of the Rings Helm's Deep Battle Set

Massive setup of Lego from Lord of the Rings.

5. Big Ben

The iconic building of London.

6. Monster Fighters Haunted House

One of the coolest Lego set's available.

7. Lego Man Ice Cube

An iceblock shaped into the classic lego man shape.

8. 1979 Toy Figure Print

Vintage sketch as a print of the first lego man design.

9. Batman Mini Tumbler

Black Batman vehicle, mini super size.

10. Build-On Brick Mug

Blocks can be placed on this mug cup.