Gifts that only a Mother Would Love

Posted on April 29 2015

Still looking for the right present for Mom? You still have time...

Gifts that only a Mother Would Love

It's still not too late to get mum a nice present for Mother's Day. We've looked at a range of gifts, based on something our mother's would like but without it looking tacky, cheap or boring. We could just get plants or flowers, or perhaps a *free* hug, there should be something more for the Mom in your life who has a special day just to be pampered and showered with attention. Note, All items are from Amazon.

Smiley Face Pancake

Pancakes and waffles can be associated with Mom's morning cooking, so if she's going to do it...why not do it with a twist with this special pan.

Mister Tea Infuser

Imagine a guy sat in your tea, taking a rest. Well here he is, but this time he infuses tea and looks like a cute orniment at the same time.

Mini Donut Factory

Eating donuts is great, but how about making them yourself with this little factory which even adds the sprinkles.

Nostalgia Electrics Ice Cream Maker

Make buckets (yes I said buckets!) of delicious icecream, cool for mom in the kitchen or kids/big kids alike.

Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine

The lady of the household must like to relax and drinking a couple of these helps to unwind.

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

This is a bran new stand-alone printer for connecting to your mobile phone. Enjoy the fun of printing polaroid's from your own device.

Sea Stone Hooks

Inspired by the seas, beach and calmness. These stones act as a towel hook holder, looks great and is innovative.

Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

There was an article on poo poo floating up into the air after every flush, usually ending up on your toothbrush.

Flipper Hands-Free Toilet Seat Lifter

This must of been designed with Mother's in mind, picking up and putting down the toilet seat must be x10 easier with this.

4Moms Tub Spout Cover

This is a useful gadget for mum's who have babies and young ones. This measures the temperature of the water, much better than the elbow test