Manly Gifts and Man Crates might be the Answer

Posted on February 15 2015

Gifting Man Crates for men who think they are real tough guys, with the right type of manly present that should cater their needs.

Manly Gifts and Man Crates might be the Answer

When it comes to searching for presents for guys, they can be a picky bunch at times. Choosing an old-school retro gift, pair of pants perhaps or socks usually could suffice for Birthday's and Christmas. Increasing the Y chromosomes even further by giving a present such as their favourite DVD of sports (soccer, football, baseball...take your pick) will go down a treat. For something even more manly than that, how about a custom niche gift using special Man Crates Coupons (where available).

Zombie set
Oooh Ahh this kit should help...

A boxed Man Crate "Crate" consists of themes from golfing to outdoor activities, where it could include everything from chunky packs of beef jerky, heavy duty knives, beer brews to fishing gear. To round up the manliness, each buyer from time to time (depending on the sales or rare coupon code offers) gets their own crowbar which is laser engraved no less, to open the sturdy looking box. I think wood splinters, scrapes and cuts are a part of the overall sensation of receiving this box crate, although I'm not sure if your local delivery driver would be too happy delivering it.

Tough Guy Crates

Cracking open one of the many Man Crates must appeal to most men, where testosterone levels are high and smashing it open to get the contents is reminiscent of opening say an Easter egg to get to the goodies inside. They also deliver to Military APO Men and FPO overseas addresses, so their target male audience is covered although I wonder how they are able to smuggle large potential deadly weapons through customs, that is anyone's best guess!

Classic Man Crate
Classic Man Crate

With the horror TV series The Walking Dead being very popular at the moment, the zombie themed Man Crate called Zombie Annihilation is one of the best selling gift products the company offers. It consists of a standard wooden box crate, a high carbon steel blade, axe and knife for putting a dent in those pesky zombies, a shovel for perhaps burying the (living) dead, paracord with a built-in firestarter, survival guide by Max Brooks, LED flashlight (for spotting anything creeping around in the dark perhaps), first aid kit for patching up any wounds, duct tape which as a potential use is anybody's best guess and a can of spam, which is the staple ration of any man camping in the wild.

It seems such alot to fit into one of their many crates, as the Man Crates website goes on to explain in detail that they put alot of effort into constructing a box and filling it up with products.

A Baby Box
If you have kids, maybe this is for you

The Whisky Lover's crate is personalise with etching on glasses, flasks and coasters. Drinks, mixers and of course the salty bar snacks are included in the set too.

The feeling of this item is that it's a retro gift you could give as a perfect present for a father or someone from the older generation, who doesn't mind "getting their hands dirty" and who are capable to open and then actually use the cool stuff inside. Essentially you could potentially find all these items down at the local DIY store but having the benefit of having it in one place saves the hassle of putting it all together.

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