Game of Thrones Gifts for Die Hard Fans

Posted on April 3 2015

The HBO produced series came out in 2011, since then it's captured the hearts of fans of medival British ways, loyal to seperate kingdoms and taking part in quests to over-throw each other and to capture the throne made of swords and daggers.

Game of Thrones Gifts for Die Hard Fans

It's strange how a television series depends so much on the writers. Loosely following the books, there are many facets and areas this programme has delved into from trust, family values, loyalty, treatury to incest (gulp!). It's not just for geeks and nerds, so let's celebrate more seasons to come with a selection of gifts for the diest of hardest fanbase.

Nothing would be more complete than re-watching the entire last series. Truth be told, the names of the characters on the show are quite confusing, the plots are intertwined and there's so much back stabbing it's difficult to see who is on who's side.

Tough Guy of GOT The Hound Vinyl Figure

One of the coolest and life-like (in terms of toy quality) figures. Depicting the beaten up "hound" who turned ranks and joined forces with the opposing side. In season 4 he died on the side of a mountain, alone and cold.

Cool Hero with nice threads Oberyn Action Figure

One of the stand out stars of Game of Thrones, he had limited air time but his season ending fight scene was one of the most memorable in TV series history. Seeing his head getting squashed by the mountain was gruesome...Funko's Pop Vinyl figures are cool!

Just a basic deck of suited cards, but each one has a character from the show. A must for collectors plus it's a handy reference for any confusion when a name is called and you don't know who it is they're talking about.

Carry the Family Emblem Shield Magnet Set

Issued by Dark Horse merchandise, these magnets depict the various houses which are Lannisters, Starks, Greyjoys, Stannis Baratheon, and Renly Baratheon.

Drink Up and be Merry Pint Glasses

Pull up a chair and drown your sorrows with a themed tankard mug, ripe and ready for watching the show in style. Choose your house wisely, as the wrong choice may get you killed.

Direct from HBO, this screen printed Men's tee is navy black and depicts the famous logo of the grey dragon/wolf creature which is on so much Game of Thrones gift stationary.

Played by Peter Dinkledge The Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister

Released as a side-book by author George R.R. Martin, it's an accompaniment to the rest of his titles. Some die-hard fans want him to hurry up and finish the rest of his publications but this title, will be welcome distraction whilst they're waiting for more.

Family Crests Blanket Fleece Cover

Feel the warmth in comfort, surround yourself with the (pretend) protection of the most powerful families in the North, perhaps it's most useful on those cold night snuggling up to those you love.

Drink in Style Stainless Steel Cups

Feel the touch of material metal against your mouth, toast your colleagues, friends and even enemies with this classic looking set. Impress everyone and fear nothing!

See Everything in Detail A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros

Based on the Emmy award winning titles that show before each episode, this 3D companion book contains all the major locations including the formidable castle of Winterfell, the lavish capital city King's Landing, and the Wall's stark majesty.

Branding for your phone Targaryen iPhone Cover

Show off this custom made casing designed for Apple products only, it offers Stylish protection with full access to all ports, buttons and cameras.

Imagine brandishing this sword for a while, it's scary and you'll probably get arrested (let alone wonder how you'll get this in the post!) but if you do get it you'll give it handy to open all sorts of post you receive.

Hide around your Neck Compass Pendant Necklace

Targeted at Great gift for A Song of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones fanbies, this is a keepsake which makes a great locket.

Have this product in your pocket, sponsored by the family of wolves/wildlings.

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