Father's Day Gift Dilemma? We've got you covered

Posted on June 9 2015

A special day just for Dad, who may or may not like his present but best to get him something useful and unique.

Father's Day Gift Dilemma? We've got you covered

We've got something special for every pater, papa and pop this Father's Day. What does your Father like? Perhaps it's wearing his comfy slippers, watching TV with a beer in one hand and the remote in the other. Or maybe you have an adventurous Dad who takes care of himself, likes sports and going out. You'll find some great ideas here of what to get him this Father's Day, note all items are from Amazon.com.

Hit your way to clean clothes Punch Bag Laundry Bag

From Suck UK, this clever bag is a stress buster. Perhaps too much trouble at work or the kids are playing up, why not put clothes in a bag, punch (and kick) them before washing. Feel better now?

The main thing is that it's a mobile fridge, designed to keep your beverages cool. The 2nd thing is that it can take you places where you want to go, albeit slowly.

Slice Up your Meats Bear Paw Meat Handlers

Makes you look like Wolverine, but ol' Pops would have a whale of a time carving up the Sunday or Thanksgiving roast with these bad-boy sharp mitts.

Father and Daughter Time Confessions of the World's Best Father

I remember seeing this a while back where a designer took photos of his newborn and integrated her in dangerous situations.

Cut off Hand Acts like an Ashtray Cast Iron Cigar Ashtray Hand

From Home Wet Bar, looks like something out of the Addam's Family. But it acts as a catcher for the cigar/cigarette ash and looks cool too as a table centrepiece.

Designed for People who Easily Forget Stuff Wear N Write Wrist Band

For one of those people who doesn't like carrying a pen and paper, post it notes or jotting things down on their portable device, the older generation would love this gadget.

Get Drunk on your own Stuff Craft Beer Brewing Starter Kit

Home brewing is a time-less tradition, this American Pale Ale set kit will start your patter on the way to boozy nights and his own private distillary.

Horn Drinkers Das Horn

A cool looking drinking vessel based on the horns of a cow. Looks medieval, but the actual design and function really works. Also works freestanding and in a holder, Dad would like this.

Hold Your Shirts Well Patron Shirt Shuttle MK3

This classic looking case fits shirts just right, keeping the business man's look clean and crisp, without creases.

Dad Friendly Chainsaw WORX JawSaw Electric Chainsaw

If your Dad is anything like mine, in his spare time he likes cutting stuff up from flowers to trees. This new chainsaw is safe plus it can handle strong bark.

Any more Father's Day Gift Ideas? Sure...

It's what Real Men Use Heavy Duty Soap

Aka Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap, this soap is used in the US Military and it's designed to clean you properly.

Carry your own Beer Cup Foldable Pint

I guess this type of product helps towards the now famous saying of "Dad Bod", but it's useful to have a pint when you aren't that common to drink directly out of the can or bottle. This foldable pint glass does the trick!

Out Box a Machine Nexersys PRO Boxing

Is Dad a boxing fan or likes the UFC or other Mixed Martial arts? This one stop machine acts as an exerciser but also can teach you the skills on how to box and fight properly.

High Roller Adult Size Big Wheel Trike

A little bit pricey and reminds me of a man who wants to recapture their youth...but what's wrong with that, with this excellent sturdy trike just right for Dad's on the go.

Nostalgia Electrics Hard Candy Cotton Candy

This is a retro sugar free candy converter type machine. Pop in your own hard Dad's candies, out comes soft floss for easy eating. I guess if you eat alot of sweets, the damage to your teeth means something like this in invaluable.

Gets Rid of Stinky Smells Poo Pouri

A fun but useful gift for Dad (or anyone else), especially if he's had too many curries and the scent of deodorant or musk won't cover the pong smell coming out of the WC.

Use a Robot to Clean up Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning

We all know that men are attracted to BBQ's, the lure of the soggy hamburger or burnt sausage causes them to feel more male. The thing is barbecue's don't happen often mainly due to cleaning them, this nifty robot can do it for you.

Cool Set of Playing Cards Waku Design X-Ray Deck

Another thing that guys do, especially father's is play cards. Whether it's poker night or something to do by yourself, these cool looking deck of card will certainly keep the old man entertained.