ti.ttle Estimates Shot Distances From A Tiny Club Device

Posted on November 3 2015

All golfers want to improve their game, looking for refinements to reduce their handicap. But now, Ulike hopes to revolutionise the way golfers swing, using accurate data based on an individual's swing patterns through a Crowdfunding Campaign.

ti.ttle Estimates Shot Distances From A Tiny Club Device

All-in-one Device

The first thing you'll notice about the t.ittle is its size - it's really small. Measuring at 23 x 18 x 10.5mm and weighing at a light 30 grams, this device simply attaches itself to your golf clubs through a cradle or can be used with additional clip that attaches itself on your bag, purse or belt.

Features range from an individualised Swing Guide, which calculates the golfer's data using an algorithm based on the club type used. Another aspect to the device is that there is access to 36,000 golf courses which are exclusively available to smartphone users. Additionally, by connecting to your smartphone's GPS via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) your personal swing data can be sent to your ti.ttle. Swing data includes: Estimated carry distance, Head speed, Swing type, Club Path, and Face Angle. Finally, other useful features include checking phone messages through the device.

The power capacity is two hours with a run-time of five days and it uses an Lithuim Polymer rechargeable battery.

ti ttle
Measure your Swing in Real-Time

No Phone Needed

For the ultimately versitality, the t.ittle can function by itself without a smartphone connection. There is an OLED Display touch screen that displays all the golfer's personal swing analysis data, that includes the "carry distance estimation" based on personal club settings.

All Clubs are Supported

All ranges of clubs are supported: Driver (Driver), Wood (3-wood, 5-wood, 7-wood), Long Iron (3-iron, 4-iron), Middle Iron (5-iron, 6-iron, 7-iron), Short Iron (8-iron, 9-iron), Wedge (Pitching wedge, Gap wedge, Sand wedge, Lob wedge), Putter (Putter).

ti ttle
The ti.ttle in Motion

Support ti.ttle with Crowdfunding

In order to get as many people as possible interested in the product, Ulike have launched ti.ttle on Kickstarter, a Crowdfunding website. The Kickstarter campaign helps to generate funds, at the best possible prices to potential backers in forms of tiers. See the Kickstarter Campaign here, help to launch the device and support the development of interesting and innovative products.

In summary, ti.ttle is a small and powerful smart device that helps you perfect your swing by practicing consistent swings form anywhere and anytime.