Doorfilter Protects your Condo

Posted on April 5 2016

The Door Filter air filter is a way to help remove indoor air irritants like dust, odor, noise, pests, light, and cooking fumes.

Doorfilter Protects your Condo

Dangers of Air Quality Indoors

The Doorfilter is a product that improves the air quality in your home environment. Allergies are a potential debilitating cause of asthma, allergic respiratory diseases, scratching and other symptoms that can affect health. Survey's conducted show at least half of all Americans test positive for at some allergens and many of these are indoor allergies coming from dust, mold, and pets.

Outside odours like tobacco smoke and cooking smells are another reasons why in many cases, air should be filtered and purified before it enters a living space.

Using the Doorfilter

The Problem of Apartments

The first entry and exit point of air throughout the day comes from your front door. Windows and doors inside the living space may be closed off but still a steady supply of flowing air comes into the home from under the bottom of the main door or door threshold.

Living in an apartment or condo has many advantages, but being in the situation of a shared space means you're also collecting the unwanted pollutants of your neighbours through ineffective corridor ventilation and dirty hallways. Air which hasn't been filtered is then passed into your individual unit, which in essence means you're living around the contaminants of those who live around you. Having unfiltered air containing hidden bugs and chemicals swirling around the apartment affects your environment and health, particularly babies, young children, OAPs or those with breathing problems already.

What is the Doorfilter and How to Use it

The Doorfilter is made up of an Air filter, that attaches to your apartment door - suitable for all door types. Then a Doorfilter replacement cartridge which is a removable filter made from "activated" carbon fiber. Finally, a Doorfilter Irregular Floor Leveling Kit, made for awkward or uneven flooring and/or doors that swing downwards. Doorfilter explains that "This situation causes the space below the door to decrease as the door opens and may lead the DoorFilter to rub excessively against the floor. The kit includes a new, higher pile bottom sweep which can better absorb the fluctuations in height".

What's in the Doorfilter

By using a Door Filter it will reduce the number of unwanted airborne particulates. The filter works simple by using an ABS extension that fits to the inside face of any apartment door. It has a door sweep that collects anything passing through it and a removable air filter that allows clean air into the apartment unit. Each cartridge filter is made from carbon technology.

Made in North America and conceived from the worries the founder had about his family's health at home, it may be impossible to completely dust or allergy-proof your home, but if you use the Door Filter you may find yourself breathing easier.