10 Unique Cups and Glasses

Posted on June 15 2014

Unique looking drinkware items for the ultimate drinker, covers cups and glasses.

10 Unique Cups and Glasses

A look at the most unique drinking vessels available to buy from champagne designed glasses, coronita, Fred and Friends glass, beer pong cups to classic looking mugs, note all items are from Amazon.com.

Starbucks and USA 1. Starbucks New York Mug

Tribute to the NY Taxi cabs and all things associated with New York.

Wine on the go? Sounds weird but it actually works.

Make you own cold drinks with ease.

Drink and take photos 4. Camera Lens Cup

Pretend you're taking photos whilst actually you're just having a cuppa.

Holding your Designer Beer 5. Coronita

Holds your Corona in your glass perfectly.

By Fred and Friends this is a unique designed item which shows off your glass drink.

Takes you back to 18th century USA with this classic hip flask.

Shot glasses with a side of lime.

For people with big hands (and wallets).

Something out of Animal House 10. Red Cup Shot Glass

The sort of thing you see at Frat Parties.