Cool Pop Vinyl Figures Based on Movie Characters

Posted on July 13 2014

Pop Vinyl have the rights to classic Movie Characters, TV series, classic icons and character heros.

Cool Pop Vinyl Figures Based on Movie Characters

You may of noticed popping up in shops, collectable shops or geek hang outs, small character figures made from plastic which somewhat resemble famous actors, actresses, cartoon people from movies and television series. Presenting Funko Pop! Coupons where they've created collectable vinyl toys for both adult's and children alike.

The vinyl figures have exaggerated facial features and follow the same toy structure but may have different colouring, hair, accessories or clothing. Funko has also created bobble heads, plush and bookmarks. Recently they bought the licence to Garbage Pail Kids, famous for their the retro 80's card collector theme, tv show and film (although best not to mention it as it rated as one of the worst flicks available according to Rotton Tomatoes). It is welcome news in the community of figures collectors, so expect more of culture's best and most famous faces from over the years.

A variety of figures range from The Walking Dead, Gremlins, Nightmare Before Christmas, Firefly/Serenity, DC Comics, Back to the Furture...even Big Trouble in Little China.

A Selection of 14 Recommended Vinyl Toys

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From Disney's new Kids film. 1. Go Go Tomago

Big Hero 6 has not launched officially from this region, but with cool looking characters, robotic figures or monsters this is looking to be a great film combined with the magic of a company who does well at cartoon blockbusters (see Frozen) then this figure is a great potential collectable.

From the Pirates franchise. 2. Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp camps it up in the Caribean franchise, involving a complex plot which spans a couple of movie collections. This particular figure seems to have more adornments that other figures in this list, showing off a level of detail rarely seem in Vinyl's.

From the Back to the Future Films. 3. Dr. Emmet Brown

If you're born around the 80's, you must of seen this movie and in particular this crazy Doctor. He is wearing the perfect get-up at the point of the first film where he is controlling the Dorlean with Marty inside, by remote control.

From Child's Play. 4. Chucky

This iconic kid is pure evil in and out. Scarred with stiching in his face, he is armed with a kitchen knife which doesn't mean he's going to cook you a nice dinner!

One of the Figures From Ghostbusters. 5. Dr. Peter Venkman

The cheekiest character who isn't afraid of ghosts. I would expect there to be a series of vinyl figures with each Ghostbuster getting slimed! Look out for the next one with an all women cast, which will be great toys to play with.

From Elf. 6. Buddy

One of Will Ferrell's best comedic performances as the Human in an Elf's world. This tall guy gets in trouble where ever he goes, slowly losing his innocence from exposure to the "Real World".

From the Tim Burton Movie. 7. Edward Scissorhands

Another Tim/Mr Depp combination of the story of a crafted character with scissors for hands. The scars on his face represent the accidental multilation and the awkwardness of having sharp objects for fingers so be careful with one of these toys...although it's useful for cutting hair.

From the Nightmare Before Christmas. 8. Jack Skellington

One of Burton's first animated films which took years to create. Slightly different than other vinyl figures, it still retains it's creepy quality.

From the Hobbit. 9. Invisible Bilbo Baggins

Peter Jackson spent ages making this series, played by the heroic Elijah Wood. He has an invisibility cloak and the power of the ring gives him special powers to slow down time.

A cult classic by Kevin Smith, who also made Clerks with Ben Affleck. This guy was the foul mouthed talker who caused alot of trouble.

From IT. 11. Pennywise

Stephen King's most famous killer clown character recreated into a vinyl toy.

From Kill Bill. 12. The Bride

Quentin T did a fine job of combining all his favourite Kung Fu/Western classics, then made this. Starring Uma Thurman as the deadly assassin, her yellow clothing stands out amoungst other figures.

From The Big Lebowski. 13. The Dude

Jeff Bridges plays a lazy, drug taking, bowling "Dude" who gets into trouble along the way.

From The Silence of the Lambs. 14. Hannibal Lecter

(Sir) Anthony Hopkins took scary to a whole new level in SOTL with this vinyl. This is from when he was caged up, to stop him from biting the staff.

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