50 Cool Gadgets and Unique Gifts

Posted on June 29 2014

A huge guide on the ultimate list of unusual but cool gifts and the coolest gadgets available on the market.

50 Cool Gadgets and Unique Gifts

A look at the most cool gifts, unique gadget finds that you've never seen before but are way too cool not to notice when you're out and about on your travels, note all items are from Amazon.com.

I ain't Afraid... 1. Ghostbusters Neon Sign

Who you going to call? Well don't be scared at night with this cool sign.

The outdoors combined 2. Shoq Box Music Box

Music on the go, in the jungle and in the rough.

The outdoors combined 2. Shoq Box Music Box

Music on the go, in the jungle and in the rough.

Clapper Board with an Alarm 3. Digital Alarm Clock

Wake up Hollywood Style with this nice looking alarm clock.

Add to your Computer 4. Lego Minifigure USB

The classic Lego man recreated as a USB when you pull his trousers down.

Classic timepiece with the moving eyes and tail, called the Kit Kat Clock.

Look like a Monster 6. Furry Adventure Slippers

Look like a monster with these cool slippers.

Copy Ali or any of the other boxing greats with these gloves.

Eat Toast and Drive Away 8. Volkswagen Slug Bug Toaster

The VW Beetle lovingly recreated as a toaster.

Look cool and drink wine 9. Handle Bar Moustache Opener

Look like a real man with this wine and beer opener.

10. Pirate Leg Pencil Sharpener

Pirate Leg Pencil Sharpener

Sharpen those pencils in style like a Pirate oh arr.

11. Horse Mask

Horse Mask

A little bit scary but this mask (of a set) is realistic enough and cool.

12. Ice Invaders

Ice Invaders

Those little green men from the computer game of the 80's recreated as ice.

13. World Time Clock

World Time Clock

The barrel moves depending on the time zone you're in.

14. Jelly Lens iPhone Filter

Jelly Lens iPhone Filter

Great little fish eye lens for the iPhone.

15. Deni Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

Deni Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

Making your own ice cream is great and this is one of the easiest to use on the market.

16. Roll Up Electronic Piano

Roll Up Electronic Piano

Remember the film Big? This is the portable version.

17. Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod

Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod

Compact camera, looks cute and with multi functions.

18. Blomus Fontana Water Carafe

Blomus Fontana Water Carafe

Drink water in style with these reusable bottles.

19. Vaavud iPhone & Android Wind iPhone Meter

Vaavud iPhone & Android Wind Meter

Get the wind speed by connecting this to your iPhone.

20. Bubi Scrunchable

Bubi Scrunchable

Another reusable water bottle which you can make smaller to fit into places.

21. Suspended Squid Shower Caddy

Suspended Squid Shower Caddy

This shower caddy can carry many objects in the shower.

22. Pocket POD Gadget From Line 6

Pocket POD From Line 6

Listen to the radio with this retro looking gadget.

23. Doggles Dog Goggles

Doggles Dog Goggles

Make your dog standout with this custom designed Goggles.

24. Toothpaste Pete Toothpaste Dispenser

Toothpaste Pete Toothpaste Dispenser

The toothpaste comes out of his mouth, so cute.

25. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Lock

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Lock

Stop ice cream going off or stop people from stealing it.

26. Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

Let your pets drink water in style rather than say a puddle or a ditch.

27. Bird Photo Booth Wild Bird Feeder

Bird Photo Booth Wild Bird Feeder

Look at birds and take close up photos of them.

28. Iron Man Flying R/C Extreme Hero

Iron Man Flying R/C Extreme Hero

The RC toys that can actually fly.

29. Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Hold your pens in the bullet holes.

30. Warriors Toothpaste Dispenser

Warriors Toothpaste Dispenser & Holder

Squeeze and hold your toothpaste in style.

31. TogetherFarm Garden Blocks

TogetherFarm Garden Blocks

Looks like Lego but can be used in the garden.

32. RC Angry Bird Helicopter

Angry Bird RC Helicopter

Probably this is out of fashion but this is a cool RC toy.

33. Himalaya Spice Shakers

Himalaya Spice Shakers

Bring out the exotic flavour of your food with these custom shakers.

34. Coca-Cola: The Cookbook

Coca-Cola: The Cookbook

I'm actually drinking a cola whilst writing this post, the drink of kings.

35. Homestar Aurora Home Planetarium

Homestar Aurora Home Planetarium

Build galaxies in the sky with this planetarium.

36. Bed Wedge Pillow

Bed Wedge Pillow

A wedge like Cheese, that fits behind your back.

37. Porkfolio Smart Piggy Bank

Porkfolio Smart Piggy Bank

A smart piggy bank that calculates and stores your hard earnt cash.

38. Ergonomic Laptop Table By Lounge-Tek

Ergonomic Laptop Table By Lounge-Tek

Lovely looked contored table for your laptop.

39. Oviedo Leather Chair

Oviedo Leather Chair

A beautiful looking sofa lounge chair by Oviedo.

40. Rhino-Shield


Protects your mobile from scraps and spills.

41. Pineapple Ice Cube Tray

Pineapple Ice Cube Tray

Cute looking ice which is the shape of a pineapple.

42. Graffiti Wall Murals by SUUMO

Graffiti Wall Murals by SUUMO

Wall decorations which you can take home and put on your own walls.

43. Nespresso Aeroccino 3

Nespresso Aeroccino 3

Sponsored by George Clooney, the ultimate coffee maker.

44. Aquapac Stormproof Messenger Bag

Aquapac Stormproof Messenger Bag

The Aquapac Stormproof Messenger Bag is a 100%-waterproof laptop bag.

45. Switch Easy Melt iPhone 5c Case

SwitchEasy Melt iPhone 5c Case

Fascinating special design and texture for the ultimate grip.

46. Tidal Wave iPhone Bamboo Case

Tidal Wave iPhone Bamboo Case

Inspired by the Japanese classic wave design.

47. Pistol Shifter Knob

Pistol Shifter Knob

Use the end of a gun as a gear knob, cool!

48. Screams Ice Cube Tray

Screams Ice Cube Tray

Inspired by Edvard Munich's The Scream painting, this is a cool ice shape.

49. Icon 1000 Rimfire Gloves

Icon 1000 Rimfire Gloves

Cowboy inspired gloves.

50. Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker

Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker

Unicorns are magic, so spread some love over your cupcakes.