10 Watches That Act like a Watch

Posted on May 4 2014

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10 Watches That Act like a Watch

Watches nowadays have internet, music, car controlled thingy-ma-jigs. Why can't a watch just act like a watch? They can with this inspiring collection of the classic timepiece, note all items are from Amazon.com.

1.Seiko Active Matrix EPD Watch

Seiko Active Matrix EPD Watch

Digital Seiko Mix of a timepiece and a solar (radio) clock which works as a gadget on Windows…cool.

2. Nixon Murf Watch

Nixon Murf Watch

The minutes and hours are displayed nicely on this wood inspired watch.

3. Nixon 51-30 Chrono Watch

Nixon 51-30 Chrono Watch

A woman's timepiece which is indestructable?

4. ZIIIRO Mercury Watch

ZIIIRO Mercury Watch

Not a classic watch per say, but defines the movement of time.

5. Jupiter Beige Watch

Jupiter Beige Watch

Made from 100% Wood.

6. COBB & Co. Watches

COBB & Co. Watches

Amazing looking with a classic design.

7. Larry Bracelet From Marc by Marc Jacobs

Larry Bracelet From Marc by Marc Jacobs

From designer Marc Jacobs.

8. Acionna


Stylish with a stainless steel bracelet.

9. Braun Chronograph Watch

Braun Chronograph Watch

By Dieter Rams.

10. Original Grain Watches

Original Grain Watches

From 100% all natural wood.