The Ultimate Cat Box from the Makers of Litter Boxes

Posted on February 8 2015

Interesting cat box product from designers in Holland who are aimed to control the cats market area.

The Ultimate Cat Box from the Makers of Litter Boxes

A biodegradable cat litter box maker, has achieved something great in their latest Kickstarter campaign by blasting through their goal of raising the right amount of funds in record time and gained press coverage in most media outlets as a result of their interesting idea. Poopy Cat have fulfilled feline lover's expectations of creating something which is both fun, interesting and at the same time keeps your cat fit around the house.

Blocks set
Flatpack Kit

Presenting BLOCKS, aimed at moogies who stay indoors. It's Lego inspired "click and go" design uses simple cardboard biodegradable structures that need to be connected together from any direction. It's reminiscent that something IKEA might provide in one of their thousands of shops but it looks much easier to assemble.

The box package is delivered directly to your home address. Once opened it consists of beams, cubes, a tunnel (for hiding I would imagine), bridge, slide and two different types of connectors. You could either follow the instructions or use your imagination and go wild constructing the ultimate cat box which could be a themed robot or an ancient castle?

Looking out of Box
I'm the King of this Castle

It's a product that fulfils a need for housecats who have never been outside (there are quite a few of them!) or animals who are stuck indoors for long periods of times. Ideally the target market are apartment owners who have no immediate access to a garden but want to keep their pet stimulated with their surroundings inside.

In some ways, it is a shame that BLOCKS exists. As cats should be outside in the wild where they like to play, investigate and get stuck in weird places. That's what they do. But at least if they get stuck in a box at home, it's easy to get them out.

Peaking Head out of Box
Hmm an interesting place to play

Back to the purpose of this biodegradable item. Owners and cats alike must enjoy the process of putting together basically a toy but played with by a cat, who in essence has the playfulness and inquisitive nature of a small child. Although, how would a cat would show their appreciation though, as they never smile or show any joy!

Good for You, Good for your Feline Cat Box

The box is environmentally friendly too. It follows the same principles as their Poopy Cat litter houses, as it's made from recycled packaging and presented as a flat pack by post to the buyer. I think the idea is after playing in the blocks, housecats would use the litter location afterwards - although how they would distinguish between a box to play in and a box to poop in would be up to the cat itself. The smell of cardboard may be too pungent for some cat lovers, but it's hopefully something Poopy Cat have addressed. Perhaps they could create a cat nip box if they are looking for any future ideas.

Inside the Box
Closeup of what a Cat Sees

In terms of this animals, they are very individualistic, so if your particular breed of cat would use this product or run away of the sight of it would be anyone's guess. The company have done their research in terms of testing the stability, construction and sustainability. The packaging is painted white, which means a box of paints and some imagination could create something spectacular. The idea behind this is that it's "bare bones", what you want it to look like is up to you.

Currently ready to pre-order and only available to European households. This is certainly a fun company with wacky ideas, but they are plugging a hole in a specialised niche market when this type of box would be certainly in demand because of the twenty first lifestyles we lead. Housebound cats have adapted to their surroundings and the progress of this product has sparked alot of interest. This cat box product is a work-in-progress, with an expected launch later in 2015.

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