10 Best of BeardHead Drawings

Posted on June 22 2014

A look at the Most Popular BeardHead Drawings in our previous competition.

10 Best of BeardHead Drawings

We set a competition drawing challenge for all ages to draw the best looking beard, here are the results.

The Pirate Who Lost his Parrot
1. The Pirate Who Lost his Parrot

The lines are a bit wild and all over the place, but there's an interesting colour palette being used.

The Gay Beard
2. The Gay Beard

Supporting World Pride, we liked the way the use of different colours for the text.

Beard of Doom
3. Beard of Doom

Seriously impressive skills from just using a mouse, looks like some Barbarian in love?

Captain Beard Face
4. Captain Beard Face

This drawing has the image of a Pirate Captain who looks to be a big softy due to his clear skin and ruby red lipstick.

Roar the Viking
5. Roar the Viking

We noticed the piercing blue eyes and soft ginger beard of this viking, which was a stand out.

Ginger Crumbcatcher
6. Ginger Crumbcatcher

Ginger seems to be a popular choice for a beard colour, we thought this had a Jesus look to it.

Black Beard
7. Black Beard

Based on the famous pirate, now replicated as a drawing.

The Monkey Beard
8. The Monkey Beard

Animals and beards don't really match with this strange combination.

Middle Earth Beard
9. Middle Earth Beard

Looking like an extra from Lord of the Rings, we appreciated the level of detail in the face and clothing.

Victor the Viking Beard
10. Victor the Viking Beard

The demonic look, the way the eyes look through you certainly made an impression on us!