10 Banksy Inspired Decals

Posted on May 18 2014

Best Use of MacBook Decals or Tabs inspired by the popular mainstream artist, Banksy who usually tags and draws on outside objects.

10 Banksy Inspired Decals

Banksy is a Bristol, UK born street artist who draws imagery on his surroudings using spray paint. The closest we can get to replicating what he does is by sticking a decal on your laptop, note all items are from Amazon.com.

1. Banksy's protesting Monkey MacBook Decal

Banksy's classic design is close to make your Mac step out from the crowd as you customise it with Banksy's famous "Protesting Monkey" in decal format.

2. Superheroes Unite Macbook Decal

Unites all the DC comic book heroes together on one decal.

3. Spiderman Macbook Decal

It's the perfect opportunity for Spidey fans to spin a web on the Apple logo on your Macbook.

4. Star Wars Darth Vader Mask Macbook Decal

Move to the Dark Side with this Star Wars inspired decal, which I believe is also featured on Tag Tab.

5. Breaking Bad Mac Decal

Walter White aka Heisenberg reproduced on your own Mac...be afraid.

6. Lego Buddy Sticker for Macbook

Recreate the Lego man as a tag.

7. Batman Macbook Sticker

Adhesive to clearly and easily stick to your MacBook, the Dark Knight would be a great addition.

8. Rene Magritte MacBook Decal

One of Magritte's most famous paintings recreated as a decal.

9. Apple Headphones Sticker

Old School Headphones contained around the Apple logo.

10. Kitty and Fish Decal

Classic representation of a cat catching a fish in a bowl.