Changing of Online Coupons

Posted on March 27 2015

Changing the face of Online Couponing with Gifts and Coupons, with a look at what's to come in 2015 as well as what happened in 2014 with a brief look at the obstacles and hurdles.

Changing of Online Coupons

This review may be of use to people starting up a similar site to ours, or perhaps with an interest to the pros and pitfuls of running such a site. The latest section is Gift Ideas on the website.

Gift Ideas
How the Gift Ideas page works

The review takes place with 1/4 of the year already what has changed on the site? Firstly on appearances, not much! The site's technology platform has improved, pages should be running faster and more relevant to the user a mix of AngularJS, device support rather than just website only function will play an important factor in the development of the site. Another thing that's happened is that the hasn't been just on coupons, but sales have played a major factor on the site.

Pages have now branched off into a normal gift page, a page with an offer on and now a page with sales on. Sales are important, whilst commission can't be made on a specific sale - it's still useful for a user to know that there's a discount available, so there's an increasing trust factor between us and our users, we're showing we aren't out to make a quick buck!

Data, Data so much Gifts Data!

Another thing that we never thought about whilst planning the site, was what to do with all the data that comes from the site. Data ranges from pageviews, which page was clicked from where, which coupon code was clicked (or disliked) to the most popular items on the site. We're working on stuff from behind the scenes, to make the user's experience better.

Gift Ideas
The future of Gifts?

New Section...Gift Ideas

We've been planning this for a while, now it's taken off. Connected to the Data paragraph above, we have enough data to link up "tags" with specific gifts under specific section. An example is Mac Accessories, dedicated to iPhone and iPad accessories.

UK Building Up

There's more progress on the UK section, gradually catching up with the US version and UK only companies are being added daily.

Users are the Future...

We mentioned previously that site visitors are able to enter their email and subscribe for specific updates from a specific company, this is a unique service we provide. However, we realise to get growth, we need user's to add their own gifts (and coupons). We're still testing it out, but the feeling is that daily updates will still be added by us where the highest rated gifts will make it to the homepage or elsewhere on the site. We still accept coupons via our contact page but will make it easier to submit. We've made the site Retina compatible, taking into account devices too.

That's all for now. It's actually quite useful to write down the site's changes plus what we expect from the future. We hope you will still continue to support us. All the best!