Gifts and Coupons Year in Review 2014

Posted on January 1 2015

A roundup of what happened on the site in 2014 from the initial launch to quick info on how the site developed.

Gifts and Coupons Year in Review 2014

In 2014 Gifts and Coupons launched and grew rapidly. I thought it'd be fun to highlight the things that happened and look at what will be coming soon.


The site launched mid way through 2014, but was in development since January 1st. Backdated gifts (and coupons) were added, the site became mobile friendly and responsive. We're proud of the site and we've come a long way and learnt alot.

User base

The user base has grown because we targeted users who are looking to get specific information from specific companies, no other site offers this service. Also we hand checked each company to see if they use say Paypal or Visa and mentioned it on the site. We've also implemented Geo IP's (more on this later). Launching three succesful competitions this year also increased our user base.

Geo IP's are recognised, we're building a UK only section of the site and will look at other European countries, perhaps Asia...depending on the feedback we receive.

For the Future...

In 2014, we're aware Svpply went to the Virtual Graveyard. It was a really good site, where people could upload and showcase their favourite products and "Want" everybody else's choices too. I think having this type user interaction is something Gifts and Coupons will employ this look out for it.


If you want to contact us, feel free to write to us about anything...we appreciate any comments, advice or criticism!